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E-Learning Programs in Cultural Diplomacy Professional Development Programs

E-Learning Programs in Cultural Diplomacy
Professional Development Programs

(Programs Start: February 3rd - 28th, 2014; March 3rd - 28th, 2014)


The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies has developed the E-Learning Programs in order to offer individuals interested in the field of Cultural Diplomacy and related areas the opportunity to increase their knowledge and experience in this fascinating and expanding field. The E-Learning Programs have been designed to be studied at a distance, giving students the flexibility to study from any location in the world within a structured and supportive framework.

The programs are built in a way that allows individuals currently working full time the ability to acquire academic knowledge with maximum flexibility regarding scheduling and learning formats. The courses will be delivered via an e-Learning platform, designed to help participants meet the course's learning objectives through a self-paced study routine supported by multimedia, required and optional readings, and a wealth of other information adapted specifically to full-time professionals. The programs have also been designed in a flexible way to allow students to structure their instruction around their own schedules.

The programs offer access to high profile lecturers, audio-visual content, a library of reading materials, and professional networking opportunities to promote one's own projects. Students will have access to the innovative research and publications in the field and a distinguished and renowned faculty with wide-ranging experience in international diplomacy, academia, and public and private international sectors.

In addition to obtaining an expertise in Cultural Diplomacy, students will have the possibility to create and implement their own programs of Cultural Diplomacy with the support of the ICD and its partners.

Program Certificate

Participants will be awarded an official certificate upon successful completion of the program. The certificate will be signed by members of the Academy Faculty and ICD Board, which include high-level politicians, leading academics, and renowned experts.

Letter of Recommendation - For those students who implement specific projects of Cultural Diplomacy or write exceptional final papers for their e-Learning Program, it will be possible to request letters of recommendation from the ICD to assist in their career development.

Key Objectives of the Programs

  • Provide students with an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of International Relations within the contemporary interdependent world, while placing a particular emphasis on Cultural Diplomacy within this framework.
  • Educate students about Cultural Diplomacy within the context of the political, economic, and cultural foundations upon which sustainable international relations are based.
  • Analyze soft power and hard power strategies within the international relations discourse.
  • Examine contemporary obstacles to peaceful international relations using historical and modern case studies, while considering how Cultural Diplomacy can be used to mitigate tension and conflict in the international community.
  • Equip students with the relevant skill sets and knowledge required to embark on a career in the highly competitive international arena.
  • Provoke individual thought and reflection on new issues surrounding the rapidly developing field of Cultural Diplomacy.

Key Benefits of the Program

  • The program offers a core curriculum in International Relations, which will prepare the individuals for a vast array of professional opportunities across the world.
  • Students will obtain an expertise in Cultural Diplomacy which is currently a rare, yet rapidly evolving and important field, within the public sector, private sector, and civil society.
  • Students will discover that the curriculum and faculty prepare them for evolving careers in academia and all public and private international sectors.
  • Students will have exclusive privileges to all ICD events and programs around the world, which will provide access to prominent experts in various fields.


Contact Us

For further information about the program, please send an email to: academy@culturaldiplomacy.org


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